A proven platform for high-stakes exams

With Exam.net, a teacher can carry out high-stakes exams on the students’ own digital devices. Exam.net is widely used by Swedish schools to carry out more than one million exams each semester.

  • Secure
    Exam.net fulfils all requirements set out by the National Agency for Education in Sweden and approximately every third digital national exam in Sweden is taken on Exam.net.
  • Easy
    It's easy to get started with Exam.net. You don't have to install any extra programs and students don't have to register an account. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.
  • Utilizzo gratuito
    Throughout the 2019/20 academic year, Exam.net is free to use for schools outside of Sweden that have not yet tried it. After that, the price is still very competitive.

Såhär säger lärare om Exam.net

National Tests

Exam.net uppfyller de krav som Skolverket ställer på digitala lösningar för att användas under nationella prov. Under VT 2019 skrivs mer än 200 000 NP på Exam.net - både i grundskola, gymnasium och vuxenutbildning.

Since June 29 2018, the written parts of National Tests in Swedish, English and Swedish as a Second Language are required to be written on a computer or other digital device. In accordance to this, The Swedish National Agency of Education has communicated a number of requirements which a digital platform for exams should be able to handle. All of the requirements mentioned are met by Exam.net.

Requirements and requests on the digital platform Exam.net
Prevents the student from surfing web pages or using documents and services which are not connected to the exam.
Can active a spellcheck function for parts of exams which aim to try the written presentation in Swedish and Swedish as as Second Language.
Can inactivate a spellcheck function for parts of exams which aim to try the written presentation in English and other languages.
Word counter which not inhibits students' writing.
Enables anonymisation of exams.

Do you have questions about using Exam.net during National Tests? - Contact us at info@exam.net or phone 010 330 50 60.

Technical details and stability

Exam.net is a stable and robust platform that works well with PC, Mac, Chromebooks and iPads, as well as in a blended technical environment with different hardware and/or operating systems.

The platform is based on a well-proven and modern webb technology with a fully encrypted client-server communication. The students’ texts are saved automatically and the teacher can follow all students’ material and status in real time.


Exam.net is built on a technical solution that scales according to the situation, ensuring it functions flawlesslu regardless of the number of concurrent students. For example, on a national examination day in Sweden, approximately every third Swedish student in the current grade is using Exam.net to write an essay.

Should the school experience a loss in network connection, the student can continue without interruption. And should the network still be down at the end of the examination, there are several offline alternatives to submit the exams.

Pricing and contact information

If your school is based outside of Sweden, Exam.net is free to use.

Our goal is to keep Exam.net so intuitive and robust that teachers and schools can easily and quickly get started by themselves. There is no need for any technical integration and no training is needed to understand how to use it. Also, we do not have a sales department. Instead, all of our effort is put into developing the product and content.

All this makes it possible for us to maintain very competitive prices–and Exam.net is free to use outside of Sweden throughout the full 2019/20 academic year.

We are happy to answer any questions. Contact us at info@exam.net.

Automaträttning till höstterminen

Under HT19 kommer vi möjliggöra automaträttning för våra användare. Man kommer kunna genomföra automaträttande prov med hjälp av en rad uppgiftstyper (t ex flerval, para-ihop och lucktest).

Vill ni ha en demo?

Vi har ingen säljorganisation som bearbetar skolor och kommuner. Istället fokuserar vi all vår energi på att utveckla produkten och innehållet samt hålla mycket konkurrenskraftiga priser. Däremot svarar vi snabbt och gärna på frågor över mail och telefon.

Hör av dig till oss om du vill veta mer eller är intresserad av en demo – vi nås på info@exam.net och 0703 15 82 11.

Priser för läsåret 2019/20

Det finns två olika sätt att köpa licens för Exam.net, antingen som enskild skola eller som grupp (t ex kommun eller friskolegrupp).

Priser för enskild skollicens
Priset för en skollicens läsåret 2019/20 är oförändrat från tidigare läsår, 39 kr per elev. Hela elevunderlaget på skolan måste inkluderas i inköpet, med undantag från elever i f-3 som ingår utan kostnad. Med en skollicens använder man Exam.net fritt inom skolan - för samtliga ämnen och årskurser. Priserna är exklusive moms och det går även att beställa en skollicens för endast en termin. Kontakta oss på info@exam.net om du vill beställa en skollicens.

Exam.net lämpar sig mycket väl för vuxenutbildningar och ett stort antal kommunala och fristående enheter arbetar med verktyget. Prismodellen skiljer sig från grund- och gymnasieskolor - hör av dig till info@exam.net om du vill veta mer.

Grupplicens med volymrabatt
En kommun eller en friskolegrupp kan beställa Exam.net för flera skolor och på så sätt tillgodogöra sig volymrabatter. Fyll i formuläret nedan för att begära en prisuppgift för din huvudman så återkommer vi snabbt med information. Du förbinder dig inte till något.

Omfattar prisuppgiften samtliga skolor hos er?

Specificera omfattning

Notera att vi inte säljer licenser för enskilda årskurser. Vid inköp av grupplicenser ska åtminstoner ett helt stadium för samtliga skolor i gruppen inkluderas.

Antal elever åk f-3 (gratis):
Antal elever åk 4-6:
Antal elever åk 7-9:
Antal elever gym:
Ingår vuxenutbildning?

Uppgifterna skickas ...

Tack! Dina uppgifter är mottagna, vi återkommer med svar.

Kontrollera att du har fyllt i korrekt och prova igen.
Om problemet kvarstår, skicka ett mail till info@exam.net

Personal data & GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, has been in force since May 25th, 2018, and applies to all legal or personal entities, public authorities, agencies or other bodies that process personal data. An entity is either a data controller or a data processor. A data controller determines the purposes and means of the processing and a data processor is any entity that processes personal data on behalf of a data controller. Exam.net is a data processor when teachers use the tool in their profession and when students are invited to use the tool by their teacher.

The legal entity behind the product name Exam.net is Teachiq AB, a legal entity registered in Sweden. Prior to the GDPR, Sweden had its own national regulation on personal data processing. Much of the content in the GDPR is similar to the previous national regulation in Sweden, but the GDPR is more specific in its requirements on us as a company to show how we process personal data, and why we collect it. Exam.net works continuously on structure, clarity and safety to ensure that we collect and process personal data in a way that is in compliance with the data protection regulation.

GDPR on Exam.net

Exam.net collects and processes personal data in order to be able to contact, communicate with and identify users (first and family name, class/group name, school, e-mail address, IP address) along with answers and comments in tests and exams. We collect and process the data in order to deliver a safe and secure service, and to fulfil our duties towards our users according to the agreement. Exam.net does not collect sensitive personal data, such as data on health, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Exam.net is a modern product with privacy by design. The platform is built to ensure that our systems are safe and well protected, so that we can safeguard the personal data that we process. We continuously work to improve our processes, routines and our documentation.

Should you have any questions about how Exam.net works with GDPR, please feel free to contact us on privacy@exam.net.