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When the COVID pandemic hit us, it was a very challenging time for me as a teacher. I am a veteran teacher and have been doing this for 25 years, yet when Covid came I felt like an inexperienced teacher in many ways. Technology was a huge challenge for me. I had no idea how I was going to give a test to my students while being remote or hybrid (I did both). Thankfully, I found It was a life changer. It made my life so much easier! I love the feature of the exam locking down if students decide to open other tabs. I like that I am notified when a student has a question rather than having the student interrupt everyone else with a question. The one thing I was not able to figure out was the correcting of exams, but that is probably a learning curve for me personally. Overall, I really recommend it. I like that can be used whether I am teaching remotely or in-person, so I am planning to continue using it when we finally get back to full in-person.

High School Languages Teacher

Ethical Culture Fieldston School is the most user-friendly platform for designing and administering tests. Students also love it! There are several extremely positive features such as: 1) the inability of test-takers to visit other websites and "borrow" information for the tests (which helps prevent plagiarism), 2) observing the amount of text produced by the test-takers in real-time, 3) the simple and self-explanatory design and layout of tests, 4) the chat options and 5) when I use medium security tests, test-takers are required to provide a justification if they leave their exam window before they are allowed re-enter to continue taking the test. Overall, is reliable and stress-free.

University English Teacher

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University is very user friendly and easy to implement. Learners are able to access it on any device. I can add pictures, passages etc. It is also very easy to print the exams (which happened when our school internet went down). Very useful tool.

High School English Teacher

The Diocesan School for Girls became an essential tool for our school. It offers secure platform to make sure students don't switch between the windows or participate in outside chats. Students have an option to write by hand and scan in the answers and the software automatically adds in the scans to their answer sheet, which makes marking easier. Definitely would recommend to anyone administering tests and exams electronically!

Veronika Garga

High School Science Teacher

German European School of Manila

Based on our studies on various examination systems, is one of the best currently available for conducting the Synchronous Examination along with our video conferencing platform. For engineering courses, its required to write mathematical equations, drawings, and figures in their answers. The scan option is the best feature that allows students to upload their handwritten solutions directly to, from which lecturers can download easily for marking.

Assoc. Prof Dr Vengadeshwaran Velu

University Science Teacher

Manipal International University has helped me deliver assessments to learners from different places at once. Apart from being user friendly, allows me to control levels of security. That way I can use it both in guided assessments where students would need to do a little bit of research when answering question and also in assessments where I will need to monitor them with strict exam conditions. Also, our school have been wishing to promote paperless working for decades as they wanted to practice what they teach. With, we can now administer tests and other assessments without hard copies. It has been a great pleasure to work with and I most certainly recommend it.

Godfrey Chishala

High School Science Teacher

Enjabulweni School

I love It has made DP assessment during the pandemic manageable and as secure as we can imagine. It is a great way to also help those students with additional accommodations like a 4 function calculator and word processor with spell check. Plus you can enable the word-to-word translator for all students, which is available on my IB exams. I like that MCQs can be auto corrected and I really appreciate the ability to download to my Google Drive for archiving mock exams and section tests, making the extra layer of evidence requested by the IB a snap to collate. We will definitely use this for our students with word processing accommodations in years to come.


DP Coordinator

International School of Latvia was a lifesaver when our school had to pivot during exams to a distance based model. It was so good we want to use it for all exams from now on. It is really simple and easy to use. It saves on paper but more importantly as a teacher it saved me so much time marking! The auto marking was great, the functionality of listing criteria to mark against on long answer questions was so helpful especially when different teachers were marking. It also allowed some great tools like internal calculators, dictionaries and pdf uploads. Our exams look more professional and they are simpler and easier to mark what could be better!

Josiane Gardner

University Social Sciences Teacher

Antonine College provides a great balance between intuitive, user-friendly interface and just enough security to make cheating harder. I started by just pasting text questions into the exam and correcting them manually, but when I shifted to self-correcting tests it got even more useful. The exam questions are easy to format, and even easier to grade. Although there are a few tricks to learn, like how to monitor tests and chat with students who have problems, it's surprisingly user-friendly.

Thomas Rankin

University Languages Teacher

Sapienza Università di Roma

I like how the students can scan their work and I can download completed exams as PDFs to my local drive where I can easily corrected with iPad and pencil.

University Math Teacher

University of Primorska, (Univerza na Primorskem)

It's a fantastic tool to test our students! It provides you with a great variety of tools to make exams. What's more, students find it very easy to use and the possibility of chatting with them while doing the exam is a priceless resource. Another thing that I find fantastic is the fact of monitoring their tests while they are doing it.

Gisela Ozorio

University Languages Teacher

Colegio Maria Inmaculada has been the best COVID friendly resource I used all year. My students were able to take tests at home, in person and fully online. I wasn't worried about cheating because of the locking feature has. I used it mostly with middle school students and they used it with ease. It was also easy to create the tests as I could not use paper as I have done in the past. Before I found I used many sites that just were not as effective or user friendly. Nothing compares to this. This year was super challenging for all - students, parents and especially teachers. It was amazing to have this tool and I am so thankful for it. I can't express my appreciation enough! It was a highlight of my year! Thank you!

Middle School Social Sciences Teacher

West Bridgewater Middle/Senior High School took all the anxiety associated with online assessments away and replaced it with confidence and a sense of surety and control. The world is changing so fast. Two years ago the very idea of exams online was completely foreign to me, and now it feels like the "new normal", this is thanks to for me. My colleagues and I all use this website on a regular basis and it works SO well! Thank you! Keep up the fabulous work!

Ashalin Singh

High School Creative and Dramatic Arts Teacher

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

For our university we require essay-style exams and still strict about using multiple choice exams. This is the go to tool for short and long essays. I also use google forms through google classroom but many times had issues with students losing their exams because of an internet glitch. I love the reliability of this system. Even if student get disconnected, they don't lose their work. And I can let them back in to finish up. The security is awesome, but I would recommend first using the lowest setting and then experiment with increasing security with quizzes before using it for a major exam. Just a reminder from the system will usually be enough to keep students honest. Also I am using this new tool as a chance to rethink how you give exams. I am experimenting with having students work together on exams but then have their own original answers.

Brian Phillips

University Science Teacher

Mahidol University International College

I found at the start of the school year in late August 2020. I told everyone about it. I was in love with the app and it's about the only way I got through teaching and assessing in the Fall. As a math teacher, it did all of the things I needed it to. It has a great equation editor that was super easy to learn and use. It has Desmos included so students could graph and then attach the files and it was easy for them to upload their work so I could continue to grade for partial credit. I spent the time to set up my assessments using auto grader which was really helpful. The output at the end was a little clunky, but they have continued to make upgrades. Overall, I found it really helpful and pretty easy to use.

High School Math Teacher

The Hun School of Princeton

I LOVE this platform! It is by far and without a doubt THE BEST thing I used for test taking. I always use the blank sheet for the students to write while reading my exercises in a PDF. And I love that I can see their typing in real time as the students work on their exams. You can adjust the time and provide extra time if needed while the exam is taking place. You can maintain a private chat line with each student. An exclusive code can be generated to access per student in case someone couldn't do it with the rest of the group. Even exporting all the exams in a single file, or in separate files, has been great! You can even integrate it with other cloud platforms. I have no words!

Sofía Kiara Cáceres Kriskovich

University Business Professor

Universidad Americana

I have had a great experience with I specifically like several aspects:
1. Uploading a pdf file made it a seamless transition to a more secure platform for at home learners.
2. The speech tool has been a huge help for our learning support students who typically require someone to read them the test.
3. The ability to share the exam with other teachers means the learning support teacher has access to allow for the extended time for students.
4. I use the 'preview exam' option to create an answer key for myself so it is formatted the same way as the student answer sheets.
5. In the student answer section, I like that they have the ability to edit and use the strikeout function. I put my matching terms there and they can cross them off as they use them.

Overall the secure browser has allowed me to have peace of mind that I am doing my best to keep it an even playing ground for all students to prevent cheating.

High School Biology Teacher

Abington Heights High school has made my life easier. We were asked to go online overnight during the exam week. All the exam papers were ready. It was nice to just be able to upload them on Then in my spare time, I started creating quizzes for other classes. is just straightforward and enables to create all types of exams. Plus, students do not need to create an account. Brilliant.

Bianca Levesque

High School Languages Teacher

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

I discovered in March 2020. I didn't just want software that prevented cheating or plagiarism. I was looking for a platform that could offer me a secure testing platform. I really appreciate the many features that provides:
* Choice in the level of test security
* The ability to copy & paste or use a PDF in creating exam questions
* A variety of tools available during the exam: spell check, timers, items for students with disabilities
* At the conclusion of the test, the teacher has the opportunity to choose how the exams are stored or accessed for grading purposes (EX - you may print, download as PDF or Word Doc, upload to Google Drive/One Drive)
* You can obtain a security report
* Students can ask questions via a live chat with the teacher during the test

The best part is, was easy to learn. I have created a tutorial for teachers at my school as well as conducted a PD. After using it once or twice teachers really seem to get the hang of the format. has a great platform and the customer service has also been phenomenal. I highly recommend educators and schools consider using"

High School Social Sciences Teacher

G. Holmes Braddock

It is very important for me to assess my students not only through group projects and research papers (which strengthens particular skills), but I also need to have my students memorize vocabulary, and learn concepts through studying and applying them; which for me was easier to evaluate on written exams. The way is set up has helped me immensely due to several factors: I can be alerted when the students leaves the exam window (and they have to give me an explanation for it), the students can see on their screens how much time they have left on the exam/quiz (which other platforms do not offer), uploading exams (as PDF files) with audio files is extremely user friendly. After a year of using at no cost, and because of ALL of its great features, we chose to buy the license, and we are very please to say that we will continue using it next school year.

High School Spanish Teacher

Salesian College Preparatory has really helped deliver and organise exams for my students. I love how quick and easy it is to set up an exam, upload a PDF of questions, add formula sheets and link in subject tools. Students being able to write on paper and then scan and upload their solutions is essential in Math. I have also really got to grips with the auto-marking exams which saves me so much time in certain courses and allows me to return assessed exams very quickly. I give formative feedback on the practice papers which previously I would not have had time for.

Graham Smith

High School Math Teacher

GEMS Dubai American Academy has been a great tool and resource for my classes this year, particularly with security issues that arise in an online/distance learning environment. The setup and layout is extremely user-friendly both for staff and students and allows enough customization and accommodation for a variety of assessments. I recommend for any institution that wishes to deploy safe and secure assessments in conjunction with whatever online learning suite they currently use.

Jay Claytor

High School Languages Teacher

International Programs School is very easy to use, I love the auto-marking, the drawing tools for geometry sketches. It is amazing that it connects with Desmos and Geoalgebra, and you can upload attachments such as formula sheets.

Maya Fernandez

High School Math Teacher

GEMS Dubai American Academy

As a maths teacher I really love the scan work option to see the student’s work. It is been a great transition to digitalize all of my assessments within our current blended learning model.

Middle School Math Teacher

GEMS Dubai American Academy helped me restore some integrity to my assessments during a very trying time. Students around the globe were cheating on assignments and most of us were extremely frustrated. While there is no foolproof way (at least none I have found) to eliminate cheating in a remote setting, I firmly believe helped minimize instances of academic dishonesty. I also appreciated the ability to chat with students while they were testing and to have multiple tabs logged into simultaneously while I accommodated students making up several different assignments.

High School Languages Teacher

Gulliver Prep

One type of question on my exams is drawing ray diagrams such as LIGHT & OPTICS. With, I can give that type of question. This includes how to type formulas in physics using special symbols correctly. I use for designing my daily tests, quizzes, and final exams.

High School Physics Teacher

Santa Laurensia School

The website has been a blessing for remote teachers like ourselves. It is user-friendly, both for teachers and students and has features that make monitoring and surveillance very effective

Upasana Saraswati

Middle School Languages

Calcutta International School (Kolkata) is extremely easy to use, as PDF files can be uploaded, and they also have the option for students to scan and upload their answers. It has provided us with a secure exam platform to conduct our online exams.

Teesta Haldar

High School Social Sciences

Calcutta International School (Kolkata)

I love how easy it is for students to include handwritten work with their exam. I have kids that, similar to me, that like to write things down. With chemistry and math, sometimes it’s easier to write than type. They just point their phone at a QR code on the screen and then take a picture of their work. It gets attached to other answers.

High School Chemistry, Math Teacher

North Star Charter School

I am one of the more techie teachers at our school. So far, we have 5 teachers using and I only and to help one teacher because it was so easy for them to get going with it.

High School Chemistry, Math

North Star Charter School

It is important to me that is made by teachers. Teachers understand what the teachers need. When you teach and administer exams, you find out the problems that only teachers can by creating exams.

Agnese Abate

High School Chemistry Teacher

Malvern Preparatory School

As students answer questions, I really like that their previous answers are hidden. My students told me this is really useful because it allows them to better focus on the next question. It also increases the level of security so kids aren’t copying from their neighbor which is very important to me.

Agnese Abate

High School Chemistry Teacher

Malvern Preparatory School

I like that I have complete control over the tests that I want to give. If I want to use an old test that I created in a previous year, I can upload a PDF or Word file of that document. I can create and link a Google Doc, if I want. Or, I can also create a whole new test right in; it's easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. I appreciate, too, that I can give a test to students who are testing in-person, or remotely, or both groups at the same time. I find I don’t have to spend a whole lot of time figuring out how to administer tests, and that has been incredibly helpful during a difficult year.

Dina Marks

High School English Teacher

Ensworth School

I love that I can see a realtime dashboard of my students’ progress through the assessment while they are taking an exam. It gives me more nuanced insight into students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the difficulty of various portions of the assessment.

High School Chemistry Teacher

Trinity Episcopal School

Security / cheating prevention is the most important feature to me. After I started using, I would google suspicious student answers to verify that they weren't copied and pasted. They were not, so it really confirmed to me that the exam was secure. No system is foolproof and teachers have to remain vigilant to maintain the integrity of their assessments. However, I found to be an excellent resource for reducing cheating and for ensuring that my assessments measure what my students have learned.

Jason Briski

High School Chemistry Teacher

St. Edward Central Catholic High School really helped students with learning differences. I was able to record myself reading the directions to questions on the exam for students that were English Language Learners and students with dyslexia. is great for exam security. Overall, it is a simple program to use, and I highly recommend it!

Kathleen Laure

High School Chemistry Teacher

Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School

During a stressful transition to virtual teaching, gave me one less thing to worry about! Their website is easy to use and provides me and my colleagues a secure way of testing the student's knowledge. We will continue to use when we return to in-person learning.

High School Science Teacher

Trinity Episcopal School

As an AP Calculus teacher, I teach college courses taught in the high school (dual credit) courses where we are required to use a secure testing platform. After trying one or two other testing systems we determined that was the best! Even the teachers who are not teaching dual credit prefer this testing platform! It is easy to use, accommodates many content areas, and is user friendly. The customer support is amazing as well. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Jannette (Jan) Salisbury

High School Math Teacher

Southridge High School