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What’s new on the Exam.net platform in June

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The semester is soon coming to an end and we are excited to share with you some product improvements that we hope you will use during the last exams this semester and beyond!

Mark questions individually 

Sometimes it’s more useful to focus on marking and grading one question at a time rather than marking an exam student by student. You now have the possibility to do that! Bonus: This makes it easier to divide the questions between you and your colleagues for marking an exam. 

You find this in the Results tab, where you can choose between Students and Questions tab depending on how you want to grade. 

Mark question by question on Exam.net

New question builder for auto-marked exams 

We have vastly simplified the experience of creating questions.  With building blocks in the exam editor, you’ll get a better overview of your exam. You can also select and add any question type anywhere in the exam without the need of scrolling down.

Try this when creating your next exam 

Assign half points to an student answer

You can now assign half point increments to an answer giving you all the flexibility to assign partial points if someone, for example, answered correctly, but misspelled the answer. 

But wait, there is more! 

  • Our Turnitin integration for detecting plagiarism now also includes AI-checker. 
  • Toggle on/off the anonymization without going to exam configurations. 
  • New and improved Mac app for high security mode. 
  • The time spent on the exam for each student is now available under monitor log.
  • Many teachers find it useful to not only use Exam.net for larger exams, but also for small assignments, both in the classroom and as homework. Read a story from a Mathematics teacher, Nic, sharing her tips and tricks for this. 

Coming this fall: Your question library

One of the most requested features that we are very excited to bring to our teachers is a personal question library. Build your exams by pulling the questions from a database of your previous exams. Look out for this coming back to the fall semester! 

Want to learn more features and functionality of Exam.net or need help getting up to speed with using the platform? In that case, check out our training videos that cover everything from how to set up your first exam to cheat prevention. 

We wish you a relaxing and nice summer break!

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