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Exam.net is so much more than just exams

As a teacher I use Exam.net as much for diagnostic and formative homework assignments as I do for graded tests. Here are a few thoughts and ideas if you haven’t tried these before… Preparation homework for the following lesson If you like the ‘Flipped Classroom’ strategy as I do – where students prepare before class – then Exam.net can be

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Case Study

Exam.net transformed Teaching and Learning at Örnsköldsviks Gymnasium

Kristina is a language teacher at Örnsköldsviks Gymnasium and back in 2017 she was looking for an online teaching tool where her students could write, adjust and revise written texts without the inconvenience of working by hand and to mark their work more easily. Magnus sat in the adjoining office and being a Mathematics teacher, was looking for a digital assessment tool

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Case Study

The Solution for Efficient and Stress-Free Digital Assessments in Örnsköldsvik Municipality

As a country, Sweden has been at the forefront of the digitalisation of schools. As early as in 2015 Markus and Anders from Örnsköldsvik Municipality were looking into how best to make the teaching and learning experience more diverse and effective through the introduction of digital tools. At the same time, requests were coming from teachers to be able to leave

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Product Updates

What’s new on the Exam.net platform in February

As we move forward into the new year, we have been working hard to bring you the best possible experience for creating, conducting and grading exams. We understand the effort and time it takes you to craft a great exam for your students;  so our goal is to make that process as smooth and intuitive as possible.

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