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Online assessment software for schools

Exam.net is online assessment software that helps teachers and school staff to create, conduct and grade formative and summative exams. Supporting teachers is in our DNA and we are helping thousands of schools to conduct assessments every day.

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Why Exam.net is your solution for online exams

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You can get up to speed with Exam.net in minutes. The platform has all the powerful features you need, but doesn’t require training, integrations or software downloads. 

Time efficient

With our auto-marked exams the marking is done for you in accordance to the rules you’ve set up. You distribute exam results quickly to the whole class with a couple of clicks.

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Cheat prevention

Our three security modes give you the possibility to conduct everything from homework assignments to summative high-stakes exams and ensure academic integrity doing so.


Cater exam to each student’s need with accommodations such as text-to-speech, translation and allowing for extra time.

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Through our Google Classroom integration, the communication between you and your students is seamless. Start the exams directly from Google Classroom feed.

Trusted by thousands

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I am one of the more techie teachers at our school. So far, we have 5 teachers using Exam.net and I only had to help one teacher because it was so easy for them to get going with it.

Vickie Woodward

High School Chemistry and Math Teacher

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Exam.net took all the anxiety associated with online assessments away and replaced it with confidence and a sense of surety and control. The world is changing so fast. Two years ago the very idea of exams online was completely foreign to me, and now it feels like the “new normal”, this is thanks to Exam.net for me.

Ashalin Singh

High School Creative and Dramatic Arts Teacher

Success story
The Cantonal Schools of Argovia Logotype

The Cantonal Schools of Argovia

When the Cantonal Schools of Argovia found themselves in need of a digital assessment tool, several other tools were considered and tested, both Swiss and international products. Exam.net not only fulfilled the committee’s requirements but was also the most secure and reliable platform and by far the best value for money.

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