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Exam.net is online assessment software focused on reliability and academic integrity. We are used in 1000+ universities across the globe for high stakes exams across a wide range of academic programs.

Why Exam.net is your solution for online exams

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With our high-security mode, a student can’t leave full screen mode during the exam. Exam.net has robust monitoring mechanisms in place for you as a proctor to be able to feel in control of a student’s behavior during the exam.


No matter if wifi goes down or a student’s device breaks, we have a rich set of solutions for the students to continue writing and submitting their exams uninterrupted.

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Cater exam to each student’s need with accommodations such as text-to-speech, translation and allowing for extra time.


Exam.net works well on any device; PC, Mac, Chromebook etc. Which means you can use the platform in blended technical environments with different hardware and/or operating systems.

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Trusted by thousands

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Exam.net has been a very useful tool for my evaluations, since it allows me to make self-correcting exams and through the scanning tool to attach the procedures that the students do. That way I can control that they do not lack academic honesty.

Francisco Peraza

Physics Professor

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Exam.net provides a great balance between intuitive, user-friendly interface and just enough security to make cheating harder. I started by just pasting text questions into the exam and correcting them manually, but when I shifted to self-correcting tests it got even more useful.

Thomas Rankin

University Languages Professor

Success story
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University of Milan

When the University of Milan adopted Exam.net there was an urgent need to manage remote online examinations in a reliable and secure manner.  Exam.net easily met all the university’s requirements, was easy to introduce to the staff and, as a bonus, proved to be much more than just a remote, online assessment tool.

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