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Learn how to become successful

Our Exam.net video training series is designed to help you be successful with Exam.net, whether you are a first time user or an experienced one looking to learn about more advanced features. 


Nic Cardwell, Math teacher of 30 years, introduces our teacher video training series. [0:57 minutes]

Creating your first test

Walks you through how to create and conduct your first exam. Includes tips for how you can successfully make students comfortable with Exam.net. [10:32 minutes]

The student experience

As a teacher, you need to understand what the student is experiencing. This video shows the student experience when taking a variety of exam types. [6:15 minutes]

Using built-in tools: Introduction

Short overview of the tools in Exam.net.  This video continues into the next two videos on tools  [1:07 minutes]

Using built-In tools for math, programming & science

Overview of Exam.net’s built in tools for math, programming and science. [6:45 minutes]

Using built-In tools for writing and language

Overview of Exam.net’s built in tools for writing and language (including tools to accommodate student’s learning needs). [9:50 minutes]

Auto-marked exams

Save time by learning how Exam.net can auto-mark each question in your exam so all you have to do is review. [8:44 minutes]

Cheat prevention

Exam.net prioritizes academic honesty. Learn the appropriate security settings from open book tests to high stakes exams. [9:03 minutes]

Monitoring exams

Learn how you can monitor the progress of a full classroom of students during an exam and how to support them. [9:52 minutes]

Marking and handling exam results

Learn how to efficiently mark and grade exams and return results to your students. [9:30 minutes]

Conduct and mark anonymized exams

Learn how to hide student’s identity while exams are marked/graded. [5:30 minutes]

Administrating your exams

Learn best practices for administering exams with Exam.net. [7:00 minutes]

Conducting remote exams

Learn how to efficiently and securely conduct exams with remote students including handwritten work. [7:40 minutes]

Power user tips

We share power user tips so you can use Exam.net like a pro.

– Taking exams over multiple session (0:11)
– Using Exam.net tools outside an exam (2:27)
– Customizing the student writing area (2.59)
– Turning a PDF into an auto-marked exam (5:07)
– Prevent unauthorized students from entering an exam (6:25)
– Sharing exams through an administrator (6:58)
– Recovering deleted information (8:02)
– Finding recently submitted exams (8:14)
– Restore archived exams (8:33)


Learn troubleshooting specific issues such as:

– What happens if the wifi goes down? (0:15)
– No wifi when the exam ends (0:55
– Computer crash during an exam (2:33)
– Safe Exam Browser locked (2:50)
– Recovering deleted data (3:18)
– Use video conferencing alongside Exam.net (3:50)
– Additional support resources (5:32)