Training Videos

Our video training series is designed to help you be successful with, whether you are a first time user or an experienced one looking to learn about more advanced features.  We will be adding more videos each month.  

Creating your first test

Walks you through how to create and conduct your first exam.  Includes tips for how you can successfully make students comfortable with    [10:32 minutes]

The student experience

As a teacher, you need to understand what the student is experiencing.  This video shows the student experience when taking a variety of exam types.     [6:15 minutes]

Auto-marked tests

Save time by learning how can auto-mark each question in your exam so all you have to do is review.    [8:44 minutes]

Using Built-In Tools Video Coming Soon

Using built-in tools’s has built in writing, math and science tools for student to use while taking exams.  Learn how each works and how students can  use them during exams.  

Academic Honesty Video Coming Soon

Cheat prevention prioritizes academic honesty.  Learn the appropriate security settings from open book tests to high stakes exams.

Monitoring and Support Students Video Coming Soon

Monitoring exams

Learn how you can monitor the progress of a full classroom of students  during an exam and how to support them.

Marketing Results Video Coming Soon

Marking and handling exam results

Learn how to efficiently mark and grade exams and return results to your students. 

Administrating Your Exam Video Coming Soon

Administrating your exams

Learn best practices for administering exams with

Conducting Remote Exams Video Coming Soon

Conducting remote exams

Learn how to efficiently and securely conduct exams with remote students including handwritten work. 

Power User Tips Video Coming Soon

Power user tips

We share power user tips so you can use like a pro.

Troubleshooting Video Coming Soon


Learn how to handle special situations such as the internet going down, students devices that stop working in the middle of an exam and more.