Exam.net is free to use for all new schools in New Zealand until July 1st 2024

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Simple and adjustable


A license for your school or university

Exam.net provides school-based licensing. With school based licensing you can use Exam.net unlimited and for all subjects.

During the first year, we offer an extensive discount allowing you to get to know the platform in depth and do a longer pilot at your school without a larger investment.

After the first year, the prices are based on the usage of Exam.net at your school. That means that even though the license is for the whole school, the prices will be adjusted to your specific needs.

What we offer:

Try before you buy

Exam.net has a 75-days free trial period per school. You will not automatically be moved into a paid plan after this period, instead you will be offered to buy a license for your school or organization.

It’s easy to get started