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How it all started

It all started in 2016 when Erik Corell, a Swedish math teacher, found himself frustrated with the old-school way of giving exams. Digital exams offered advantages such as auto-marking and integrated tools and could eliminate problems like illegible handwriting and excessive paper waste. At the time, few digital exam platforms existed, and the ones that did felt over-complicated and out of touch with a teacher’s real needs in the classroom. Kunskapsmatrisen-ignore except in Swedish

Determined to find a solution that worked in the real world for teachers, Erik teamed up with his friend Anders Torkelsson, an entrepreneur with a background in business and product development, and Martin Krisell, a math teacher and computer programmer, to develop Exam.net. What started with three friends has now grown into a company of over 30 experts, most of whom also have professional backgrounds in teaching.  Teachers are at the center of everything we do because our software is for teachers by teachers.

Two men, founders of Exam.net online exam platform, looking at a laptop screen

At Exam.net, we believe that each teacher is the authority in their classroom. That’s why Exam.net makes it easy for teachers like you to conduct your exams your way. We’ll never impose outside pedagogical frameworks or ideologies. We also understand that the student’s experience reflects directly on the teacher, so we make it possible for you to personalize exams to meet the needs of your individual students.

The team at Exam.net has been making products that work and that teachers trust for more than six years. We are dedicated to helping teachers like you do what you do best.

Our Team

Elnaz Abolahrar

Software Developer 

Ronny Alex

Software Developer and Teacher

David Andersson

Data Analyst

Josephine Andersson


Mathias Andersson

Design Lead and Product Manager

Niklas Aronsson

Content Developer and Teacher 

Helene Brunström

Head of KM and Teacher

Nicola Cardwell

Mathematics Teacher and Senior Subject Developer

Karin Carlsson

Content Developer and Teacher

Elsa Caspersson


Erik Corell

Founder and Teacher

Catrin Eriksson

Sales Associate and Teacher

Malin Folin

Customer Success Manager

Mathias Götze

Product Manager

James Harker

Head of Exam.net

Andy Higgie

Mathematics Teacher and Subject Developer 

Sara Henningsson

Content Developer and Teacher

Anna Holmlin Nilsson

Content Developer and Teacher

Viveca Johansson

Content Developer and Teacher

Håkan Karlsson

Content Developer and Teacher 

Martin Krisell

Head of IT security and Math Teacher

Aviva La Torre Ek

Customer Success Manager

Monika Linder

Content Developer and Teacher

Atanas Nikolov

Software Developer

Simon Nordström

Software Developer

Set Norman

Software Developer and Team Lead

Idriz Šunja

Software Developer

Andreas Svartsjö

Software Developer

Anders Torkelsson


Christina Torkelsson


Christofer Wikman

Software Developer

Felicita Poloni

Mathematics Teacher and Subject Developer

Thérèse Rodger

Mathematics Teacher and Subject Developer

Emma Selin


Stina Säfström

Senior Subject Developer and Teacher

Lena Vasserman

Head of Marketing

Olle Wrange

Sales Manager

Josefine Österlund

Head of Test and Support