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Case Studies

Digital assessments in the classroom and remote at the University of Milan:

When the University of Milan adopted Exam.net there was an urgent need to manage remote online examinations in a reliable and secure manner. Exam.net easily met all the university’s requirements, was easy to introduce to the staff and, as a bonus, proved to be much more than just a remote online assessment tool.

Christ's College Digital Assessment Evolution: Preparing for New Zealand's NCEA exams with Exam.net:

Christ’s College had previously trialled different online assessment platforms, and Exam.net had been an easy choice, particularly for its ease of use and useful features. As teaching returned to the classroom, though, the question remained as to whether teaching and learning would benefit from the continued use of Exam.net.

More success stories

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The Solution for Efficient and Stress-Free Digital Assessments in Örnsköldsvik Municipality:

Örnsköldsvik is a municipality in Sweden whose local education authority oversees all the state-run schools within the region. In 2018, the time came for the renewal of the online assessment tool. The authorities decided to do some thorough market research and involve the teachers in the decision-making process.

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How The Cantonal Schools of Argovia found their online assessment tool for final summative exams

When the Cantonal Schools of Argovia found themselves in need of a digital assessment tool, several other tools were considered and tested, both Swiss and international products. Exam.net not only fulfilled the committee’s requirements but was also the most secure and reliable platform and by far the best value for money.

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Exam.net transformed Teaching and Learning at Örnsköldsviks Gymnasium

Örnsköldsviks Gymnasium is a large high school in the municipality of Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden. Kristina Renlund and Magnus Wallberg are two teachers who have been working at the school for many years, both of whom became Exam.net users more than five years ago for very different reasons.

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Exam.net really helped students with learning differences. I was able to record myself reading the directions to questions on the exam for students that were English Language Learners and students with dyslexia. Exam.net is great for exam security. Overall, it is a simple program to use, and I highly recommend it!

Kathleen Laure

High School Chemistry Teacher

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