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Create and conduct your first exam in less than an hour

Create and conduct an exam in less than an hour.

Cheat Prevention

Exam.net’s security measures will help you get an accurate assessment of each student’s knowledge. Exam security is integrated into our software, so you can conduct academically honest exams without having to manage and integrate with third party plugs. And, because each exam is different, you can choose from multiple levels of security from open book (no security) to a fully-locked down device.

Everything you need

We respect that you’re the expert when it comes to what’s best for your students (because we’re teachers, too). With powerful tools that are easy to use and quick to apply, Exam.net gives you everything you need to create comprehensive exams.

Upload Existing PDF Exams

Creating an exam with Exam.net is as easy as uploading a PDF. While you can enter each exam question individually or paste questions from Microsoft Word, we know that sometimes all you need is to use materials you already have. Take the PDF of a pre-existing exam you want to use, upload it to Exam.net, and get it live to your students in less than an hour.

Make it simple

Conducting exams online takes coordination. We simplify all the moving pieces so you can administer your exams without being overwhelmed by technical complexity. Create and conduct your first exam in as little as an hour, by just uploading a PDF of an existing exam.

Personalize Exams to Each Student

Not all students learn the same. For students who might need a little extra assistance, Exam.net offers a variety of accommodations that help each student demonstrate their knowledge. Some of our most used modifications include:

Empower Every Student

Different students need different levels of support to demonstrate their knowledge. Exam.net gives you the flexibility to adapt your exams to each student’s individual needs so everyone can shine.

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