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Cheating on Exam.net

Cheating and Academic Dishonesty

At our company, a majority of us are teachers and so naturally, we take academic honesty seriously. Exam.net is used in over 100 countries and in many of those countries, we pass stringent security reviews so Exam.net can be used for high-stakes exams such as national exams.
Exam.net has been architected to balance flexibility and security. For exams with lower concerns about security, Exam.net’s lower security mode allows students to take an exam using any relatively modern web browser. In this mode, exams are still take in full screen mode and (depending on the settings) students cannot leave this mode and return to the exam with out either an explanation or permission from the teacher

When exams are conducted in our high security mode, students take exams with our native applications or secure browsers which fully lock down a student’s device including Chromebooks, Macs, iPads and Windows.

Our free teacher training videos include instruction on how to configure Exam.net for these modes. For teachers conducting remote exams, we also have a separate video that includes tips on helping secure a student’s physical environment.

Underlying controls and reporting

We also have background cheat detection which occurs at a deeper level on our servers. This allows us to silently detect and inform teachers of suspected cheating such as use of special software, split-screens, hacking the integrity of our code (or the environment) and we look for the use of virtual machines and remote desktop solutions. Our team monitors and tunes our cheat detection modules frequently so we keep up with what’s happening in the real-world.

This means that during and after an exam, we are able to inform the teacher about suspected cheating. The teacher can then, for example, do a manual check of the student’s computer, view logged suspicious events and see how the student’s answers have emerged. Exam.net also integrates with plagiarism checking tools to review student written texts. Our goal is that it should be difficult to cheat on Exam.net and virtually impossible to cheat without leaving digital footprints that can be detected during, or after, the exam.

Consequences of Cheating on Exam.net

As a student, please keep in mind that cheating attempts during an exam can affect your course grade as well as lead to more serious consequences such as suspension from studies. A cheat attempt can be detected both during the exam and after the submission.

If you think you have discovered or heard about a security hole on Exam.net, we would like to know. Please contact us at security@exam.net. If you are interested in working with testing / development of the Exam.net cheat protection in the future, you are welcome to attach your resumé.

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