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Exam.net is a highly reliable cloud-based exam platform. Since 2016, we have served millions of student exams across thousands of schools, universities and organizations world-wide. Exam.net replaces or complements the use of pen and paper in classroom exams, and also allows for remote examination. The platform puts the focus on teachers and students. Teachers can easily get started by uploading a PDF of an existing test they have or creating the test within Exam.net so it is automatically marked.

Student accounts are not required because students enter an “exam key” to start an exam. Exam.net provides native applications on iOS, macOS and Chromebooks for high-security tests along with supporting the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) browser. Exams with lower security requirements can be taken via a standard browser and for open-book exams the security features can be disabled completely.

Our goal is to keep Exam.net as user-friendly and robust as possible, so that teachers and students can quickly and easily get started by themselves. There is no need for any technical integration and no training is needed to understand how to use our online exam software.

Martin Krisell

Math Teacher and Head of IT Security at Exam.net

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Highly reliable cloud-based exam platform

Exam.net is deployed on cloud infrastructure that automatically scales and handles large numbers of users at the same time.

The platform is based on modern web technology with a fully encrypted client-server communication. The students’ answers are automatically saved and the teacher can monitor all students’ material and status in real time.

Should the school experience a loss of network connection, the student can still continue without interruption. In addition, if the network is still down at the end of the examination, there are several offline alternatives to enable the exams to be submitted.

Technical details

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We are happy to answer any questions at info@exam.net

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Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of using an online test platform at your school

Anonymous grading allows teachers at your school to mark and grade the tests without being affected by unconscious bias. Moreover, the exams can be catered to each student’s unique needs with accommodations such as text-to-speech, translation and allowing for extra time.
With e-assessment you have everything in one place and there is no risk of losing students’ exams. And at the same time your school will be setting sustainability in focus by reducing unnecessary use of paper.
With an online teaching tool the teachers will have infrastructure to quickly create new exams as well as reuse old ones that are uploaded to the tool. With auto-marked functionality the marking is done automatically instead of going through each paper, which not only increases productivity but gets the feedback back to students faster.
Lockdown security mode that prevents students from leaving the test-browser, automated cheat-prevention and plagiarization checks makes online assessments more secure than pen and paper. Additionally, online proctoring through the monitoring view is easier and more efficient than having to keep an eye on a whole class.