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Exam.net is created by a small development team in Sweden; many of whom are former teachers that are deeply committed, on a personal level, to student privacy.

So we want to be clear about purpose of the personal information we collect about you, and any students that you may invite to use Exam.net: we do it to be able to provide our services to you, and to let you connect exams and answers to the right student.

  • We don’t own your exams, quizzes or questions (you do).
  • We will never show you or your students ads.
  • We will never disclose personal information about you or your students to any third party.

Any student personal information that we may process is collected based on your settings and selections for each exam. We never use students’ personal information for our own purposes.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message at privacy@exam.net.

The Exam.net team

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Exam.net is used in over 100 countries including at major universities and school groups, so we are very familiar with regional privacy laws and requirements such as GDPR, FERPA, COPPA and SOPIPA.

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Concise answers to the most common questions regarding privacy.

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