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Easy to get started and intuitive to use. Exam.net equips you with all the power and function you need to create exams for your students, your way. Create and conduct your first exam in less than an hour.

75-day free trial. No credit card required

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86% of the teachers say Exam.net is a time-saver

  • Auto-marked exams allow you to save time marking so that you can focus on more meaningful tasks and deliver feedback to your students promptly.

  • No more time wasted deciphering messy handwriting for long-form questions and essays.

  • Individual question library - by reusing questions from previous exams, you create new assessments quickly.

92% of users feel confident in Exam.net’s ability to prevent cheating

Exam.net, trusted for nationwide final exams in Sweden, offers three security levels. Safeguard your school’s integrity through Exam.net’s cheat prevention, plagiarism detection, and randomized question order.
Decorative illustration of the Exam.net user interface when trying to leave an exam as a student and being locked out until teacher confirms they can continue.
Decorative illustration of the Exam.net user interface when entering an exam

94% find Exam.net very easy to use

No student accounts needed – exams are accessed through an exam key provided by the teacher. Intuitive interface that is built by the former teachers who understands the realities of the classroom.

98% of the teachers agree Exam.net helps them efficiently monitor students in real-time

Gain control with our intuitive monitoring view, allowing you to track the progress of each student during an exam. Identify students who may need assistance or are yet to begin writing. Our built-in chat enables communicating with each of the students without disrupting the entire class.
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Trusted by over 270 000 teachers across the world

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Charles Duboc

Math Teacher

I found Exam.net at the start of the school year and I've told everyone about it. I was in love with the app and it's about the only way I got through teaching and assessing in the Fall. As a math teacher, it did all of the things I needed it to. It has a great equation editor that was super easy to learn and use. It has Desmos included so students could graph and then include the files and it was easy for them to upload their work so I could continue to grade for partial credit. I spent the time to set up my assessments using auto grading which was really helpful.

The Hun School of Princeton

You choose which of Exam.net's integrated tools are available during your exam.


Customer stories

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University of Milan

When the University of Milan adopted Exam.net there was an urgent need to manage remote online examinations in a reliable and secure manner.  Exam.net easily met all the university’s requirements, was easy to introduce to the staff and, as a bonus, proved to be much more than just a remote, online assessment tool.
The Cantonal Schools of Argovia Logotype

The Cantonal Schools of Argovia

When the Cantonal Schools of Argovia found themselves in need of a digital assessment tool, several other tools were considered and tested; both Swiss and international products. Exam.net not only fulfilled the committee’s requirements but was also the most secure and reliable platform and by far the best value for money.

Connect your exam with an LMS tool under Configurations when creating an exam

Simplify communication between teachers and students through learning platform integrations 

Automate exam workflow by integrating Exam.net with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Seamlessly connect Exam.net to your learning platform and enable students to start exams from their feed. With 1-click, return exam results to students.

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Create and conduct your first exam in less than an hour

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75-day free trial.  No credit card required

Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of using an online test platform at your school

Anonymous grading allows teachers at your school to mark and grade the tests without being affected by unconscious bias. Moreover, the exams can be catered to each student’s unique needs with accommodations such as text-to-speech, translation and allowing for extra time.
With e-assessment you have everything in one place and there is no risk of losing students’ exams. And at the same time your school will be setting sustainability in focus by reducing unnecessary use of paper.

One key advantage of online testing is the time-saving aspect. When you use Exam.net, you can tap into your individual online test bank, allowing you to pull questions from your previous online tests. This approach to online test creation not only saves you time but also ensures that your assessments are well-rounded.

With an online teaching tool the teachers will have infrastructure to quickly create new exams as well as reuse old ones that are uploaded to the tool. With auto-marked functionality the marking is done automatically instead of going through each paper, which not only increases productivity but gets the feedback back to students faster.
Lockdown security mode that prevents students from leaving the test-browser, automated cheat-prevention and plagiarization checks makes online assessments more secure than pen and paper. Additionally, online proctoring through the monitoring view is easier and more efficient than having to keep an eye on a whole class.