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Exam.net Integrates with Microsoft Teams for Education

We are excited to launch the Exam.net integration with Microsoft Teams! Combining Microsoft Teams collaboration and communication capabilities with Exam.net’s powerful exam platform means that the entire exam process will be simplified and more efficient for both teachers and students.

Enter an exam with one less step 

As we all know, Exam situations are stressful for both students and teachers. One way Exam.net is trying to mitigate that is by not having student accounts, rather use an exam key distributed by the teachers, reducing the risk of dealing with forgotten login credentials during exams. 

However, even this step can be a bit of a hassle and with Microsoft Teams integration, students can effortlessly access their exam by logging in with their individual Teams account instead of exam key. From a student’s perspective, it’s as straightforward as clicking a button within Teams, instantly placing them in the exam environment. And for the teachers, this simply removes one step in the workflow! 

Share results with one click 

The integration also makes it easier than ever to share exam results and feedback with your students. You can choose whether you want to do the marking in Exam.net, or if you prefer to export it and do so in Teams instead. Regardless of your choice, it is as easy as a click of a button to share the results with students once you are done. Students will then directly get their results in their Teams application!

Improve communication with students…and more  

Another exciting aspect of this integration is the new possibilities it unlocks once the exam is exported. Teachers can use the built in Teams features to do anything from grading with rubrics and perform analytics to reach out to students for seeking clarification, asking follow-up questions, or giving feedback. This new communication channel provides an opportunity for students to receive more personalized feedback and, as a result, gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

So how do I start? 

Getting started is incredibly easy and is done in three simple steps

  1. Create a new exam on Exam.net
  2. Before saving the exam, connect it to your class under Configurations → Student information
  3. Share the exam key or direct link in Teams

Finally, if your school uses Google Classroom, all above mentioned features are available for you as well! You can read more details around how that works here

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