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Online assessments

Exam.net’s online assessment platform makes it easy for educators to evaluate student performance and progress. Our online assessment solution offers various benefits, such as saving time, flexibility, enhanced accuracy, and providing educators with valuable insights into student learning and performance.

Online assessments remove bias and promote equality

Anonymous grading allows teachers to mark and grade tests without being affected by unconscious bias. Moreover, the exams can be catered to each student’s unique needs with accommodations such as text-to-speech, translation and allowing for extra time.

Digital assessment tools for formative assessment

Digital assessment tools provide a reliable and efficient solution for evaluating student learning. 

Formative assessments help educators to evaluate student learning in real-time, providing immediate feedback that helps students improve their understanding of the subject matter. Exam.net provides digital assessment tools to create quizzes and formative tests, which enable teachers to track students’ progress and adjust their teaching approach as needed.

Powerful and reliable summative assessment tool

Summative assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of students’ knowledge and skills at the end of a particular course or semester. Exam.net’s online assessment software can provide secure and reliable summative assessments. With high-security mode, you ensure academic honesty for these high-stakes exams.

What we offer:

Online assessment - a big time saver

Digital assessment tools provide a convenient and efficient way to evaluate large groups of students quickly. If you use auto-marked exams, Exam.net will automatically mark questions for you. Moreover, you are saving valuable time as there is no need to print and distribute paper handouts to students or to struggle with deciphering difficult handwriting.

Online assessment solutions provide a flexible approach to learning

With Exam.net’s online assessment platform, students can take assessments from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection. This allows for remote learning as well as the possibility to combine assessment both inside and outside the classroom. 

Try before you buy

Exam.net has a 75-days free trial period per school. You will not automatically be moved into a paid plan after this period, instead you will be offered to buy a license for your school or organization.

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