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Efficient Online Proctoring with Exam.net

Online proctoring on Exam.net offers a high level of security, no matter if the exam is taken in the classroom or remote. Lockdown security mode that prevents students from leaving the test-browser, automated cheat-prevention and plagiarization checks, makes online assessments more secure than pen and paper. This ensures that online tests are taken fairly and that the results are accurate.

What is online proctoring?

Online proctoring is a method of monitoring and supervising online exams, tests, or assessments. It involves the use of technology that ensures that the test-taker is following the rules and not engaging in any form of cheating or misconduct. Online test proctoring provides a convenient and efficient way to ensure the integrity and validity of online exams, while also allowing students to take tests from home or other remote locations.

What are the important features of online proctoring software?

An important feature of online proctoring software is to secure a safe online exam environment and make sure that students don’t cheat. The monitoring view in Exam.net allows teachers to monitor each student’s progress live during an exam. In addition, Exam.net locks the exam window during exams, which prevents students from accessing the internet. This helps maintain a controlled testing environment for online proctored exams.

Exam.net as a safe platform for online test proctoring

Exam.net provides three security levels and with our highest-security mode, a student can’t leave full screen mode during the exam. Exam.net has robust monitoring mechanisms in place for you as a teacher to be able to feel in control of a student’s behavior during the exam, no matter if it’s in the classroom or remote. We also have background cheat detection which occurs at a deeper level on our servers. This allows us to silently detect and inform teachers of suspected cheating

What we offer:

The recording of online proctored exams

Many online proctoring solutions have an automated recording of the exam session. This can raise concerns regarding privacy and storage of the test takers’ data. Exam.net focuses on cheat prevention during online examinations, but does not record the remote proctored exams. Instead, Exam.net relies on various security measures to maintain the integrity of remote proctored exams.

Online proctoring can reduce costs and is efficient

Online proctoring can reduce costs for educational institutions and organizations. By conducting online proctored exams, institutions can save money on facilities, staffing, and other resources that would be required for extensive in-person monitoring. Additionally, online proctoring is easier and more efficient than having to keep an eye on a whole class.

Convenient and flexible remote proctoring of with Exam.net

Remote exams can be taken from anywhere, allowing students to avoid the hassle of traveling to a testing center. This is particularly advantageous for students who live in remote or rural areas, or those who have mobility or transportation issues. In addition, online tests can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the student, allowing them to balance their academic obligations with other commitments such as work or family responsibilities. This can be particularly beneficial for adult learners or those who are studying part-time.

Private Chromebooks and remote proctoring with Exam.net

Students often use various devices for online proctored exams, including private Chromebooks. Exam.net improves online proctoring safety by offering a security mode specifically designed to prevent cheating. While the preferred high-security mode restricts leaving the exam window entirely for managed Chromebooks, the exam can still be started in any browser, which also gives students with private Chromebooks access to the exam. Throughout the online exam proctoring, educators receive alerts if students attempt to leave the browser window, ensuring a secure testing environment.

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