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What is an online testing platform?

Online testing platforms are useful tools in education, making it possible to create and administer various types of online tests. Online test software can contain security features that ensure a cheat-proof environment, and automated marking of online tests deliver instant feedback to students. Analyzing the results of online tests can give educators valuable insights in their students’ learning, and the flexibility of online testing platforms allows students to take assessments from anywhere. These platforms simplify online testing, giving educators more time to use for other important aspects of their teaching.

How are online tests monitored?

Online testing platforms can use various monitoring mechanisms to ensure the validity of results and prevent academic dishonesty. Many online test platforms provide educators with an interface where they can monitor the online test taken. Security features may include camera tools as well as automated monitoring tools to track and flag suspicious behavior, providing real-time alerts to educators. Detailed reports and analytics after the online test offer insights for educators about their learners’ behavior during the online test.

Online test platform saves you time

One key advantage of online testing is the time-saving aspect. When you use, you can tap into your individual online test bank, allowing you to pull questions from your previous online tests. This approach to online test creation not only saves you time but also ensures that your assessments are well-rounded.

What we offer: More than just high-stake online tests is a versatile online test platform that supports a wide range of online testing scenarios. While it’s certainly capable of handling large-scale online tests, it’s also perfect for creating exit tickets, quizzes, surveys, homework assignments or any other form of formative online assessment. as an alternative to Kahoot is an online test platform that can be used for more than highly secure online tests. It is easy to create an online test using a variety of different question types, to ensure the diversification of how learners learn. With’s online test software it is possible to choose which level of security that should be adapted to the online test, quiz, ticket or whatever should be created. Everything from open book exams to short quizzes with instant feedback for the students is possible. Also, allows you to set a time limit for a test, which makes a valuable alternative to Kahoot.

Multiple Choice tests maker

With auto-marked exams you set up the marking rules for your questions and they are automatically marked for you, saving you a lot of time! One of the question types you can choose when creating auto-marked exams is multiple choice questions. With our intuitive interface, you can quickly generate engaging multiple-choice questions and mix them with other types of questions like “fill the gap” or “match answers”.

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