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Exam.net - your easy test maker for online tests

Exam.net covers a wide range of testing needs and provides a convenient and efficient way to create and conduct online tests. Whether you're a teacher, instructor, or administrator seeking a flexible and user friendly online test creator, Exam.net has you covered.

Online test platform saves you time

One key advantage of online testing is the time-saving aspect. When you use Exam.net, you can tap into your individual online test bank, allowing you to pull questions from your previous online tests. This approach to online test creation not only saves you time but also ensures that your assessments are well-rounded.

Exam.net: More than just high-stake online tests

Exam.net is a versatile online test platform that supports a wide range of online testing scenarios. While it’s certainly capable of handling large-scale online tests, it’s also perfect for creating exit tickets, quizzes, surveys, homework assignments or any other form of formative online assessment. 

What we offer:

Multiple Choice tests maker

With auto-marked exams you set up the marking rules for your questions and they are automatically marked for you, saving you a lot of time! One of the question types you can choose when creating auto-marked exams is multiple choice questions. With our intuitive interface, you can quickly generate engaging multiple-choice questions and mix them with other types of questions like “fill the gap” or “match answers”.

Try before you buy

Exam.net has a 75-days free trial period per school. You will not automatically be moved into a paid plan after this period, instead you will be offered to buy a license for your school or organization.

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