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Safe Exam Browser (SEB) for cheat prevention

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Cheat prevention and security has always been one of the main focus areas in our product development. Exam.net offers three different security levels, providing flexibility needed for different types of assessments. For the highest security level for Windows-users we use Safe Exam Browser (SEB). For iOS users we recommend our native app. 

What is SEB?

Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a powerful web software designed specifically for conducting online assessments in a controlled and secure environment. SEB ensures the integrity of online exams by locking down the computer screen and preventing access to external websites or applications. 

How does SEB work?

When a test-taker launches SEB, it locks down the computer screen and restricts access to anything other than the designated exam content. SEB is preventing the students from accessing their desktop, files, or any other applications during the test. Every time SEB starts, Exam.net sends all config-files to secure the exam environment.

How does SEB work in Exam.net?

Exam.net is a Gold member of the SEB alliance and seamlessly integrates SEB into its online assessment platform. Together, SEB and Exam.net  provide a comprehensive solution for secure online tests. With SEB in Exam.net, educational institutions can conduct online assessments with confidence, knowing that cheating is significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

What does Exam.net do besides SEB for Cheat Prevention?

SEB is not the only cheat prevention measure that Exam.net offers.

We conduct background cheat detection during every exam that is taken in Exam.net, which provides extra security on top of SEB protection. 

Also, Exam.net offers proctoring through our monitoring view where you can follow each student’s progression through an exam, randomization of questions and plagiarism detection through the integration with Turnitin.

The cheat prevention settings can be found under 'Configurations' when creating an exam.
The cheat prevention settings can be found under ‘Configurations’ when creating an exam.

Exam.net covers a wide range of testing needs and provides a convenient and efficient way to create and conduct online tests. Read more about Exam.net as your flexible and user friendly online test creator.

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