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What’s new on the Exam.net platform in October

User interface when importing questions on Exam.net

We have been busy this semester bringing out several significant updates in our quest to help you craft the best exam experience with ease. All these updates are based on the feedback we get from you so please reach out with improvement ideas you’d like to see next!

Import existing questions – your personal question library

When creating an auto-marked exam, you can now search through your previous exams and pull in the questions you’ve created earlier. Try this new feature in combination with sharing exams with your colleagues.  No need to reinvent the wheel – we believe this will be a real time saver when creating the exams!

You find this in your exam creator flow for auto-marked exams 

Multi-session exams and at Home assessments 

When you turn on this new option, students can easily resume an exam they’ve already started and complete it over two or more sessions.  This is helpful, for example if you want to prevent students from pasting an AI generated text or other online resources when conducting an assignment or homework (not just the exams). 


We now offer dictionaries in 15 new languages which is a big win for teachers of the  humanities subjects.   

But wait, there is more! 

  • Student exam history in Monitoring view has gotten a facelift and is now easier to use.
  • We show the total points an exam is worth while you are creating an exam (so simple, but so helpful!).
  • Our teacher-feature articles spotlight how a teacher handles various challenges in the classroom. The most recent post is filled with tips on how to manage digital distraction in the classroom.

Coming later this year: Microsoft Teams Integration

In a complex world of digitalization, we know the importance of various systems working seamlessly together. Microsoft Teams integration allows you to publish exams, share exam keys and share results with one click! (We also have a Google Classroom integration with similar capabilities.)

We would also like to introduce Aviva La Torre Ek who is your Customer Success Manager. Aviva is here to ensure you get the most out of our Exam.net platform and teach you the latest functions. Feel free to reach out anytime for personalized support and guidance, at aviva.latorreek@exam.net or schedule a meeting directly here

With online teaching tools, you can become more efficient and quickly create new exams or reuse old ones. Read more about Exam.net as your online teaching tool for digital assessments.

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