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The Solution for Efficient and Stress-Free Digital Assessments in Örnsköldsvik Municipality

About the municipality

Örnsköldsvik is a municipality in Sweden whose local education authority oversees all the state-run schools within the region, including thirty middle schools and one high school with approximately 1800 students. Markus Horkamo and Anders Edström work within the education department with a particular focus on digitalisation within schools. Their responsibilities include researching, implementing and administering new digital tools and platforms.


As a country, Sweden has been at the forefront of the digitalisation of schools. As early as in 2015 Markus and Anders were looking into how best to make the teaching and learning experience more diverse and effective through the introduction of digital tools. At the same time, requests were coming from teachers to be able to leave pen-and-paper tests behind and instead conduct digital online assessments.

In 2018, the time came for the renewal of the online assessment tool. Markus and Anders decided to do some thorough market research and involve the teachers in the decision-making process. A group of teachers from both middle and high schools were therefore invited to a meeting and came to the table with a list of requirements for an online assessment platform. These included a reliable security system to prevent cheating, the anonymisation of student work for marking purposes and, most of all, simplicity of use. Markus and Anders also needed a platform which ran smoothly on its own and thereby needed very little administration and support from their department. It was then time to conduct a tender and present an acceptable solution to the management of the education authority. 
The main requirements for an online assesssment platform included a reliable security system, anonymisation of student work and simplicity of use.


Given that some of the teachers had tried out Exam.net previously and were very happy with it, the decision from the local education authority to use Exam.net as the online assessment tool across all schools was a welcomed one. 

“The system that best met the demands of the teachers and also offered the most competitive price was Exam.net.”

Markus Horkamo, Education Department,
Municipality of Örnsköldsvik

On the other hand, some teachers were rather sceptical about adopting yet another new online assessment tool, but it didn’t take long before even the less technical teachers felt comfortable using it. As a consequence, very little support was necessary from Markus and Anders in order to get Exam.net up and running in all the middle and high schools.

“The setting up of teacher accounts with Exam.net is so simple that it saved us hours of time compared to other teaching tools we had administered.”

Markus Horkamo, Education Department,
Municipality of Örnsköldsvik

Throughout the implementation process Markus and Anders were also very impressed by the quick and effective Customer Support offered by the Exam.net team.

Exam.net’s security, together with the quality of Exam.net’s customer support team have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of stressful situations arising during online assessments.


Now that Exam.net has been in use for a number of years it’s possible to reflect on the positive outcomes for the education department. Markus and Anders feel that Exam.net’s security, together with the quality of Exam.net’s customer support team have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of stressful situations arising during online assessments These features in particular have had a major impact on the confidence in conducting assessments through Exam.net:
  • The security is so good that no student has ever managed to get around the security systems during an exam - it has always worked.

  • If the network should stop functioning a student can continue writing their exam, and when the wifi is back on, the student’s work is uploaded automatically into Exam.net.

To summarise, it could be said that Exam.net has increased both the time and financial efficiency in their department in a number of different ways:

  • Simplicity of implementation

  • Ease of administration

  • Responsive customer support from Exam.net

  • Less paper needed

  • Competitive cost of Exam.net

“We’re very happy with Exam.net since it has reduced our workload enormously”

Going Forward

There is no doubt that it’s not only the teachers who are very happy with Exam.net. As administrators, Markus and Anders have only positive things to say, and as digitalisation naturally develops further within the schools in the municipality, it is anticipated that also the schools with younger children will adopt Exam.net for digital assessments in the future. 

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